Sunday, March 1, 2009

dream weaver ~

Okay, I'll admit defeat. I trashed a tapestry that had been in progress for the last few weeks. I enjoyed working on it, but there was just no way I was going to be satisfied with it. So out came my scissors and cut, cut, cut ~ it was freed. Then off to the wastebasket, with all the old dental floss and used kleenex, it went.

High on the shelf, back behind a little storage bin was a tapestry sampler I started about a year ago for a small loom demo for the Whatcom Weavers Guild. I pulled that old dog down and propped it up and started weaving. I'm only using my handspun odds and ends, so it will end up as a hodgepodge of color.

The sampler pattern is from the 1988 March/April issue of Handwoven. It takes you through many tapestry techniques and is probably the best project for me right now. My skills are rusty! (Oh God, I can't mention "skills" without thinking of Napoleon Dynamite. You've gotta listen to the sound clip ~ click HERE.)

I dream of weaving tapestries like Kirsten Glasbrook. She is so incredible, and her book Tapestry Weaving is the coolest. Her colors, her technique, her skills!

Another dream weaver and spinner, is Judith MacKenzie McCuin. Her new book, The Intentional Spinner, is a dream too. It is so packed full of information they had to publish it in 8 point type (okay, well, that is my only complaint about the book - the type point size is a bit small for the average reader [no, I don't even wear bifocals.]). Judith's book speaks in her voice ~ the book hasn't been over edited to homogenize it to fit into a specific "mold." When reading it I felt like I was back in her three-day workshop I took last fall. It is certainly a book for both the newer spinner and the dedicated spinster.

Alrighty now, back to my tapestry dreams. I've had so many grand intentions (The Intentional Weaver!), but I need to just get off my hinder and create. Blah, blah, blah ~ I keep saying the same old thing. I think the pure reality of the issue is that I love to GOOF OFF!!!

My mind drifts here and there all day long. I spend hours humoring myself with stupid things like gluing rhinestones on the new switchplate I got for Christmas. I've decorate the shelves in my fiber room with little treasures that I sit and stare at ~ they are so pretty and I am so disconnected from my own creativity.

Rant, rant, rant...I'm done for the evening. Here is my post and now I will add the pretty pictures for you to sit and stare at.

P.S. Note the teak-toned tapestry beater sitting on the tapestry book in the Glasbrook book photo ~ I bought it at Value Village for $.99!!! Whoo hoo! Sorry Linda Sue, but it was my SCORE!!!

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