Tuesday, March 10, 2009

can't you see why... ~

...I adore my Marcel?

The warm sun was flooding the livingroom today. Dear Marcel was basking in the glory of the sun.

I was taking photos for the blog and Marcel decided he needed some yarn...yes, the sun is glaring in his eyes.
Marcel came to live with us nearly eight years ago ~ he was six at the time. His owner lived in Seattle and had been trying to find him a new home since she had a toddler that might find out soon that Marcel was a "biter". Marcel had been declawed in the front as a kitten which is surely part of the reason he became a VERY mouthy cat. In the photos above, you can see how he uses his paws ~ no claws there to help him grasp the yarn. It is all teeth.

Speaking of teeth, Marcel does an authentic Elvis imitation.....He gets his upper lip caught up on his bottom right fang due to his upper tooth having to be pulled because of poor dental hygeine.

During the first summer he was with us, I was stroking his front paws and realized that I felt a claw. One of his claws was growing back....it was small and sharp and poking through his little paw pad. Oooh, it must have really hurt!

So off to the vet Marcel went. The vet determined that his declaw surgeon didn't take enough of the joint out and left some of the claw root. Arghhhh, my poor Marcel.

At the time I thought it wasn't going to be a big deal. Just go back in and take care of that claw, so I also scheduled him to have his teeth cleaned while he was under anesthesia. Little did I know, the vet decided to cut into every front paw pad to check his claws! It still sickens me to think about this after all these years.

Dear Marcel came home without a front tooth ~ it had to be pulled after determining during the cleaning that it was badly decayed. He also came home with his front paws in bad shape. They used some sort of surgical glue (super glue is what they described to me) on his paw pads. He was in extreme pain, and I was a mess with worry. Within a few hours of being home, many of the glued incisions reopened. By the time I finally got in contact with a vet, I was hysterically sobbing.

Back to the vet again. This time another vet sewed each toe up. When I called to see if he was ready to be picked up, the vet chastised me for getting him declawed in the first place. I was SO BLOODY ANGRY at them by this point, that I blew my top! I couldn't believe the gall of the vet to speak to me that way since we had adopted this poor cat who was having trouble finding a new home due to his biting history and he was declawed years before he came to live with us.

Okay...so make a long story long...This dear obese, neurotic, food obsessed, biting, dentally challenged cat, is now a calm, caring, completely indoor living, ball of love (who could use another teeth cleaning).

Below, he's giving me the eye.....which means don't walk too close ~ there are still three fangs left.

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