Saturday, March 14, 2009


...this is Bette from Palm Springs." It just cracks me up! My mother-in-law called and left a message which began like that. I think after nearly 10 years, she hasn't once figured out that we would recognize her voice. It was especially humorous today since she added "from Palm Springs." We wouldn't want to confuse her with all the other Bette's we know who we talk with once a week on a regular schedule.

How many married women in the room wouldn't recognize their mother-in-laws voice on the phone? Raise your hand.....I doubt if there would be too many hands showing.....

On another note, tomorrow I get to participate in a jewelry making session at Ferndale Fibers. I was one of the bidders on this workshop at the high school band auction I mentioned in a previous post. I've been looking forward to this and also have desperately been trying to keep it in the forefront of my mind since I'm forgetting all sorts of things with my "unemployed" status ~ not having a routine is great but confusing. I never know what day it is anymore.

So far there hasn't been any "fiber" activity today, but I am headed off to the spinning wheel right now.

Here's a little vignette from my room. The framed needle felted piece is by Ms. L.S. which I purchased at the guild sale. The giraffe and little terra cotta painting (yes, it is on clay) is from the heyday of the Whatcom Museum of History and Art's gift shop. Back then, Leslie, Jane and Sue were the volunteer buyers ~ incredible ladies with incredible taste. I have so many wonderful things I bought in the gift shop...working at the Museum of so many years didn't hurt either!


  1. Hello! Is your Pysslingen Loom still available? My sister-in-law has asked me to help her find one. If it is, please contact me at Thank you! Connny

  2. Juliettta my petta- I did not know that you PURCHASED that little picture..I would have given it to you ! Off to do jewwry- delightful! Can't wait to see!

  3. I am still thinking about your great hats with the braid and cables - did you create the pattern or use an 'official' one? I found you & your marvelous hats through Google Alerts, so I'd like to share that on my March 18th post... is that ok?

  4. Sure you can post about my hats. No, I didn't have pattern ~ I just had an idea and started knitting. So there wasn't any pattern or plan, nor did I write any of it down. I guess you could say that I created the pattern, but I think that implies that I actually recorded what I did. I really appreciate your feedback and it makes me want to go knit more!