Saturday, March 7, 2009

groovy ~

I totally love this picture ~ groovy dude. Can you imagine a guy wearing that today? It's a crocheted get-up by James Walters of freeform crochet fame (I'm pretty sure that is Walters in the picture too).

Today was the day that my interlibrary loan copy of Magnificent Mittens by Anna Zilboorg had to go back to the library. I quickly (and illegally) made copies of about 50 pages from the book ~ for my own private use of course.

As I was looking for a notebook to put the copies in, I found some information I had printed off the web a long time ago. It was from Sylvia Cosh & James Walters crochet website ( A few weeks back when I wrote about scrumbling, I mentioned their book The Crochet Workbook (ISBN 0-312-04032-6) which is out of print. I had completely forgotten that I had spent quite a bit of time at the site looking through all that was there.

So today I was surprised when I located the scrumbling instructions by Cosh & Walters that I had tucked away. I popped back on the website and meandered around a bit. I certainly remembered the website once I landed there again, but I didn't remember that Sylvia Cosh had passed away back in 2000.

The site is maintained by James Walters and is filled with all sorts of freeform crochet stuff. It's a pretty crazy site and surely has its own special hierarchal organization that is lost on me. But I did, once again, find the page with all his workshop instructions Scroll down on the workshop page and enjoy all the wonderful information James Walters has provided.

In the photo above, James Walters is the dude on the right wearing the infamous Woad Coat.

Well, other than reading about Cosh & Walters and infringing on Zilboorg's copyright today, I've been spinning. I finally finished all the fiber, aka island mix, that I won at the Whidbey spin in last year. I can't say I like the colorway any more than when I started spinning it. But finishing did allow me to move on to something else.

I started spinning some Romney I bought up at Birkeland Brothers in Vancouver, BC last summer and am blending it with some Crosspatch Creations fiber I bought from the Bellwether at the NW Washington SpinDrifters Spin In last fall. This is probably going to end up being sock yarn or it will get sold at the Whatcom Weavers Guild's annual Fibers & Beyond sale next October. Pictures of the fiber or finished yarn will be coming soon!


  1. Another wonderful thing about James Walters: he allows his handouts to be printed and used for workshops. All he wants is to know what one is doing with them.
    Enjoyed checking on your blog today and having the music accompany the pictures!
    Zann (friend of Linda)

  2. That is really impressive ~ you don't fine too many people completely willing to share their "intellectual property" that way. Thanks for visiting again and next time you'll be listening to World Sounds rather than my eclectic jazz/pop mix I made. I've decided to change playlists every so often.