Sunday, March 22, 2009

solmate ~

VV Alert! (Value Village for the un-hip) Just bought a pair of brand new Solmate Socks (yes, of course the tags were still on ~ I could NEVER buy a pair of someone's discarded stinky socks.).

Price you ask? $2.99 instead of regular retail of $20! They sell these socks at the local Food Co-op, and they are made from recycled cotton. Their website says ~

"Also, from the very start, our cotton socks have always been knit using recycled cotton yarns. These yarns are recovered from the production of other cotton products (mainly t-shirts), and re-blended with other fibers and spun into yarns for Solmate Socks."

Solmate Socks also has a fundraising program for 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organizations. Gosh, it makes so much more sense to sell cool socks than wrapping paper, cookies, or candy. Can't you just picture it? A non-profit childcare center selling kids and infant socks as annual fundraiser ~ what a perfect fit!

Clipped from their website: "This picture was taken in Benin, Africa in April 2007. A church in South Strafford (where Solmate Socks is headquartered) spent a year raising money through sales of Solmate Socks, in order to fund the building of a cistern in this village."


  1. score sisah! I have one pair of these purchased for the REAL price at the coop. YAY you good little shopper!

  2. great socks - certainly look hand knit! Good find!!!!

  3. So sorry, Linda Sue ~ been busy with the estate sale. New post on the way soon ~ I promise!

  4. Thank you so much for posting about Solmate Socks and their fundraiser program. I work with a nonprofit integrative health center. In my late son's honor I work on programs that incorporate art as a healing tool. Funds raised with these socks will go towards those programs!! We'll be getting them in the next month I hope.