Tuesday, March 10, 2009

spun ~

I tried to sell off this fiber at a guild swap sale, but it didn't have any takers. I actually won the fiber at the Whidbey Island Spin In last year as a door prize.

The fiber was called "Island Mix" ~ a mix of what? What island? It was a mess of all sorts of stuff ~ some lovely fiber which felt like bison, but the majority was a hodge podge.

My goal was to just spin in til it was gone. Here it is as yarn ~

It still isn't my favorite.
Then I started spinning some stuff I mentioned in a previous post ~ fiber from Birkeland Brothers in Vancouver, BC with some Crosspatch Creation.

The Birkeland Brothers fiber was a lot coarser than I had realized. Having more of the coarse fiber, the Crosspatch Creation (lovely stuff!) fiber gets a little lost.

I spun up most of it as a three-ply. With the remaining that was on two bobbins, I cabled it. I love cabling yarn! This stuff might end up being sock or it might just get sold at next fall's Whatcom Weavers Guild sale.

Just showing a bit above, but in the photo below, you can see "who" had to be in the middle of the afternoon's activity.

My Marcel.....

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