Wednesday, July 14, 2010

international technology ~

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Technology is amazing...Tonight I've been editing the fall issue of Tapestry Topics for the American Tapestry Alliance ( while accessing my wireless computer network and the internet from bed while watching tv with my cat at my feet while e-mailing colleagues on the east coast and Australia...Who'd of thought in high school when I learned to type on an old IBM selectric, I'd be here typing on a tiny computer from bed connected to the world on a Tuesday night during July 2010.

9705442 Angle

I love my little netbook!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

low tide ~


Like a year ago, Steve and I went to Point Whitehorn Reserve to walk on the beach and see the sights. It is surprising how things are different year to year.

Today the water was crystal clear and a large area of lovely solid sandy beach was perfect for walking. We were pretty much alone on the beach for most of the time ~ it was lovely.


We took our shoes off and enjoyed the sand.



Steve found a fish and watched for crab. The tide was rushing out and the crab were digging in or flowing by.


7 12

Such contrast between the grey of the sand and the purple of the starfish.


Along with the green anemones, I saw a few of these red devils.



These greenies are the usual hangers and drippers…yick!


Here’s one of the clear jellyfish we saw.



It’s under a mile walk through the woods to the trail and stairs down to the beach. It is all an easy walk to one of the best parks in Washington. Before they created the park, the only way down the cliff was by sliding down and hanging onto ropes and hand holds that folks had rigged up. Even with the old method down to the beach, it was worth the risk to see such a beautiful area.