Thursday, March 12, 2009

psst...don't tell ~

I pulled a Marcel this afternoon. The sun was coming in the living room, warming and bathing the room in light. Marcel the cat was sprawled out again enjoying the impending springtime.

I stretched out on the carpet with him and let the sun warm my body.......soon I was gone.....escaping into a dreamworld until the phone rang. I think much more than an hour past. I won't admit to any more than that, but you surely won't tell, right?

On the fiber side of things, I haven't spun any today (due to what I mentioned above). But here's a project I did finally finish.

Back last fall in Judith MacKenzie McCuin's class, we spun all sorts of novelty yarns and warped up looms to make scarves. I'm terrible at finishing things before moving on to the next (more exciting of course) project. This week I was determined to finish at least one project I left undone.

So here is the scarf on my little rigid heddle loom.

I love the yarn, and it was so much fun to spin.

The scarf needs to be washed to finish it. That will probably take me another five, no, not really. Hopefully the finished project will be posted next week (hopefully, I said...).


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  2. What gorgeous yarn! I'm inspired!