Saturday, February 28, 2009

tight ~

Only a few interesting things to say today.
  • neighbor boy had grease fire in kitchen ~ smoke billowed out of the roof vents ~ 5 fire trucks ~ 1 ambulance ~ boy is fine ~ kitchen is not.
  • drove to town with husband who bought 3 cases of flavored water at Deals Only ~ thirsty I guess.
  • visited Value Village where I dodged smelly people and running children.
  • looked at goldfish with big bulging eyes in store downtown ~ we sang, "our fish are cuter!"
  • my bra feels uncomforatbly tight today.

Okay, so maybe these things weren't too interesting. Sorry.....


  1. Hahahahaha- hahaha- ha. thanks julie, made my Sunday!Putting out the fire with gasoline- another thing that made my day- Love your choices. If you found anything at VV that i want I will be cross...haven't been there for months- especially not on the week end- euww too stinky!

  2. I don't think I can last a month without going to the Village. It is one of those wonderful places where I can go without makeup or clean fingernails.