Thursday, February 26, 2009

intentions ~

Oh, I have had great intentions this week to hop back on the creativity bus, but haven't had the spirit. I keep starting and stopping, knitting and ripping, thinking and drifting...

So to at least show that at one point in the past I did have a bit more life in me, here some handspun yarn...
Merino and silk...

left: Crospatch Creations (purchased at the Whidbey Weavers Guilds Spin In) plied with lovely dyed and combed fiber from Denise.
right: Wool rejected by a spinner friend, dyed, blended with magenta mohair and carded up.
top: Probably romney, dyed, blended with some glitz, carded.
bottom: Could be romney again, dyed, spindle spun in the car driving down to Astoria, OR for a vacation.
This stuff is my favorite to spin ~ take whatever is stuffed in the corners of your house, add some glitz, add some sari silk, add some cat hair (cuz the cat is alway in the lap), and spin, spin spin.
Stuff plied with black is black suri alpaca which was nearly impossible to spin (spun like ingeo), plied with mohair dyed with Mother MacKenzie dyes (bought the mohair at one of the Whidbey Guild's Spin Ins). The remaining mohair was spun and Navajo plied into a skein. Someday this will all be a woven into a scarf.

Holy crap...where the hell did this photo come from...the basement demons I'm sure...

Want to buy a loom with a project half way completed?.....this is my Glimakra Pysslingen 4-shaft table loom ~ shall we call her Ms. Pyssy for short.

Okay it isn't the loom's fault that this woven lace project is two years in the making. Ms. Pyssy sits in the basement with two other looms who have seen more action recently. Poor Ms. Pyssy, she really should find a new home. $400 and she is yours! She comes with the stand and one reed (...and one in-progress project).

I'm now using a 4-shaft Ashford table loom upstairs in the spare bedroom (well, hardly a bedroom anymore since I moved the bed to the basement with Ms. Pyssy). The Ashford is more easily transported to workshops, so it has the coveted spot in the fiber room (maybe you'll see photos of that space sometime soon).

So there you go, there has been some creativity and fiber in my past. Now off to continue starting and stopping, knitting and ripping, thinking and drifting...

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