Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Not Shin Splints ~

Compartment syndrome:
exercise-induced neuromuscular condition that causes pain, swelling and sometimes even disability in affected muscles of your legs.

"In chronic exertional compartment syndrome, exercise or even repetitive muscle contraction causes the tissue pressure within a compartment to increase to an abnormally high level. But because the fascia can't stretch, the tissues in that compartment aren't able to expand sufficiently under the increased pressure...As the pressure builds up within one of your muscle compartments, with no outlet for release, nerves and blood vessels are compressed. "

I cycled in and out of this problem for a number of years, and it hit me again today. I was trying to be really careful walking down the hill since I think that's what is the trigger. I should have worn different shoes too to keep my foot rolling more. Now I'll spend the next four hours stumbling around the house not being able to life my feet up correctly. At least it doesn't hurt at all this time.

Other than numb shins, the walk was quite nice ~ good weather. I headed out the door just as my neighbor headed out too. She's made of the long, lean muscle mass ~ quite unlike my short, square Norwegian frame. We didn't walk together since I knew she'd probably do the hill 3-4 times ~ I'd need about eight months of training to be able to walk the hills the way she does. Plus, we were both plugged into our music.

Also, after I was home for about a half hour, I saw her hiking up the hill to her house (probably her 4th time up the hill). Ten years ago, when I had "low" blood pressure, I bet I'd have been right on her heels. First, I need some of those silver shoes she wears.

P.S. Just tried to walk across the room and fell over my own toes ~ guess the numbness is more intense than I thought. The cat is still staring at me.

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