Friday, February 13, 2009

no starch on the collar ~

simple, clean, and pressed ~ the ladies of the laundry all in lined up for the photo. i had always heard that grandma mabel worked in the pacific laundry before she married. she pressed collars and vowed to never marry a man who wore pressed white shirts. it's still hard to imagine so many young women, most from scandinavian countries, spending hours each day washing and pressing linens.

i was amazed the first time i saw this picture. i never thought of grandma as someone who might have an unconventional style. but there she stood, her head tilted to her right ~ or was it her hair weighing down one side. was that her style? had it already been a long day over the steam iron? all the other girls had such symmetry ~ but, mabel, she was edgy.

i probably would like the photo more if mabel's head tilted more to the left.

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  1. What's going on here, doesn't the shift key work on your keyboard??

    Looks like a nice blog you are starting here. Looks too professional to be your first one, I think you must have some experience at this sort of thing! :-)

    Except for that shift key thing. You know, capital letters begin sentences blah blah blah...