Monday, June 8, 2009

Y'al done violated me you turd ~

Y'al (aka 648-YAL) smacked my good, loving, and trusty RAV4 in the parking lot of Whatcom Community College today.

No note on my windshield. No attempt to take responsibility.
No justice for the innocent.

Not smart enough to drive away either. The driver just continued into the parking spot where their MAZDA MPV sat next to my RAV4.

The MAZDA MPV willingly boasted its freshly-made front bumper damage (see below).

My good buddy RAV4, smartly parked centered between two lines in the admittedly narrow parking spaces at the College, did not deserve to be victimized by Mr. Ugly Blue Mazda.

Dearest RAV4 sadly bled red plastic bits on the blacktop.

Evil turd sucking MAZDA MPV will surely succumb to the wrath of KARMA. Bad deeds bestow bad deeds...bad, bad deeds.

Watch out 648-YAL, cuz KARMA's gonna catch you!

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