Tuesday, June 9, 2009

woven, lined and beaded ~

...but NOT bedazzled! I wouldn't go THAT far!

I've been looking for a quick and simple project to make for next fall's guild sale. I think I'm getting close to figuring out my plan.

One of my goals is to use up all the odds and ends that are piling up in my stash. I'm the queen of used and/or second hand and continue to save everything with the thought that I might just make something out of it someday.

We'll on the web I found a simple woven bag pattern which is simply a long woven strip. I've woven three strips so far and here is one completed bag.

The warp is brown cotton (8/2 I think) and the weft is some really funky Lily brand stuff that was put up and sold on small cones. I think is rayon, jute and linen ~ that's my best guess. The sett on this bag's strip of fabric is a bit off ~ I think it's 15 epi. The other two strips I wove are probably closer to 17-18 epi. I beaded a bit on the bag with some discount and hand-me-down beads keeping with my reuse/recycle theme. The bag is lined with fabric from an old dress I had saved.

The way you fold the long strip of fabric allows for a pocket on the beginning edge ~ I think I'll skip this feature with the next bag and just add a pocket in the lining.

Since I still haven't purchased any name tapes for labeling, I decided to add this little piggie bead where I would want to place a name label.

oink, oink

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