Thursday, June 11, 2009

clipped ~

I got to work today and realized my shirt kept falling open. Luckily I'm working for a nursing program and the sight of bare skin isn't a big deal. The big deal is when non-nursing program people are around. So I found myself a trusty binder clip and clipped myself respectable.

A few hours after returning home, I looked down and realized I was still respectable.

Aren't binder clips wonderful?!

On another note ~ tapestry wise ~ I haven't shared this in the blog, but I am a BIG fan of CraigsList. Sometime last year a tapestry listing came up. I like to check and see what people call "tapestry" since it is usually an old sheet with some sort of printed image on it.

But in this case I couldn't believe my eyes! It was a real, honest to goodness tapestry! Woven, wool, the real deal!

So I quickly e-mailed the person offering it up for sale. I was certainly surprised when I received a return e-mail and found out that the person selling the piece was an artist whose painting I had hanging in my hallway. Small world!
Now this wonderful "snake" hangs over our bed. It is by tapestry artist Linda Rees who lived in the area a number of years ago and currently works and shows in Oregon. I just learned today that she'll be having a show in 2010 at he La Conner Quilt Museum (a wonderful small museum that shows much more than quilts).
P.S. I was born in the year of the snake ~ so the piece was perfect for me!


  1. That is so gorgeous! Water snakes swimming over your marital bed- I would say bedsnakes but that is just wrong!

  2. You are good about coming up with things that are so totally "wrong". Bad girl!