Monday, June 22, 2009

I celebrated Father's Day just like I celebrated my parent's 50th wedding anniversary...I stayed in bed and wallowed in virus. Oh don't feel bad for me, I sent a proxy to spend Father's Day with my dad.

Dear Steven went off to spend the day with my parents. It's nice to have a husband who totally gets along with the family (He probably gets along with them much better than I do!).

The planned day was a visit to the family cabin and a adventure to a new County park ~ Point Whitehorne Reserve. Steve took pictures of the little hike ~ even shots of the parents together.

I heard that there were 37 steps down to the beach after the walk through the woods from the parking lot ~ a walk of just under a mile.

Steve and I had walked out to this beach before there was a park. The only way down was over the cliff ~ not the cliff in the photo below, but something quite close. The way down was lined by ropes that had been tied and rigged so you could repel down the side. (Hmm, much like some of the obstacles shown on Ninja Warrior on G4 that I watched all weekend from my sickbed.)

Steve, always impress by the food the parents feed him, took this shot of the barbecue getting ready to grill his steak.

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  1. Dang, girl, that was a nice day you missed- though Ninja Warrior is enticing...I rarely watch G4 now that Erik ran away from home...
    Sweet pictures of your folks- lucky you that they are still living...miss mine.