Monday, June 8, 2009

Things just keep tumbling by me ~

...or so that's how I feel these days. I know I haven't posted in, like, forever, and I do admit that I haven't had any inspiration to write.

My beloved Marcel began a battle with pancreatitis over a month ago. When he is sick, I am sad and suffer with him. He is doing better now, but is having trouble with his thyroid. We've just started him on twice daily medication which has so far been uneventful.

He has lost weight and the pictures of his rolly polly self on this blog are but a memory. I feel his spine and ribs when I cuddle him in close. I long for fur covered folds of fat.

Here Mr. Cat is, safely tucked away in the coat pouch Steven has created for him...

Earlier in the spring Deb and I went up across the border to visit the weaving/fiber exhibit at the Surrey Museum. The Peace Arch Spinners & Weavers organized the exhibit. Here is Deb, the reluctant model.

The exhibit was small, but the guild did a nice job. They probably could have used more museum advice on exhibit labeling techniques and how to handle the diadatic materials.

Upstairs at the Surrey Museum is the Honey Hooser collection ~ a room full of weaving/fiber related texts and open storage. I L*O*V*E open storage.

During May, the Skagit Valley Weavers Guild hosted a workshop by Sharon Alderman who also gave the monthly meeting program for the group. The poor dear was suffering from a nasty virus, but she sojourned on. Once she fell into her groove, she gave a wonderful program.

And somewhere in the last couple of month, I made a stop by the Whatcom Museum where I use to work many moons ago. I took these photos of "stuff" ~ Felix looks like how I've been feeling...

...feeling a bit worn and torn. The arthritis in my right hand has been giving me trouble. In know, hardly 44 years old and already complaining about arthritis. My knuckles have always been big but never painful. Now I'm swelling up and losing flexibility ~ I have ALWAYS had extremely flexible fingers and hands......not any more. I can hardly use my right pinkie finger currently. The finger keeps curving to the left more and more. So you know, that little pinkie finger is essential in keeping yarn tension in knitting.

And lastly, I am working right now. It is a temp job that, with arthritic pinkies crossed, will turn into permanent. Oh, and if you read the post prior to this one ~ yes, the job is at Whatcom Community College where parking lot hooligans victimize unsuspecting RAV4s.
BTW ~ the hooligan did call finally....she has insurance....she said she left a note on my car....she must use invisible hooligan paper and pencil.


  1. Oh there you are! See you at the meeting? Sorry about your kitty boy...dang, they are dropping all over the place. so sad, our kitties....
    Hope you are liking your new job in spite of the parking lot- at least it was not YOU that the hooligan hit...that would have sucked more.
    BTW if you are thinking to go to Venice any time soon- rethink!

  2. Rethink Venice? Hack, hack, cough, cough ~ would I be better off sticking giant hog weed in my eye? Glad you are home!