Tuesday, June 9, 2009

karma's coming ~

Found out today that the girl who hit my car and didn't leave a note lives in one of my brother-in-law's rental houses.

Hmmm, small world....hmmm, a lesson....a lesson to always own up to major mishaps since your God is always watching you and won't let you get away with it when you don't leave a note.

So there!

On another note ~ a few weekends ago it was lovely, warm, and there was an extremely low tide. We went out to Larrabee State Park to look into tide pools and climb on rocks.

I found this orphaned piece of kelp.

This was the end of the road where the rocks only led off the edge.

Look here! Steve (on the left) looks like a miner who has lost his gold pan.

The rocks at Larrabee are so cool ~ water-worn sandstone.

Starfish abound.
We are family!

Yum! Dripping Sea Snot!


  1. What are those delightful gooey things? Thanks for naming my wyoming nettle, cows parsnip. I guess it's like the English calling EVERY field- a CORN field even if it is barley.Every plant in Wyo that stung was a nettle.
    Love the rocks at larabee, nice shots, girlie!

  2. who is that good-looking chick in the yellow hat?