Thursday, April 30, 2009

Ciao ~

I've just returned from a lovely trip to Venice....oh, no...well...I guess that wasn't me...that's Ms. LS over at . But I don't think she's back, but I decided to return from my hiatus.

I've been somewhere between busy and brain dead. Tonight though the brain is still ticking so decided to finally post.

Don't think that I haven't been posting in my brain-dead brain though. I wrote a hilarious post in my head yesterday while driving back home after dealing with a relative's house I am selling. I also wrote quite a long but serious post in my head about having trouble saying "NO" to people. And then there was the in-my-head post about how "swine flu" keeps rolling around my noodle like a bad 1980's rock ballad.

Back when Marcos was tossed out of the Philippines and Imelda's shoes were the topic on every talk show, I had the name "Corazon Aquino" playing in my head for (I SWEAR) months on end.
C*o*r*a*z*O*n A*K*EE*n*O C*o*r*a*z*O*n A*K*EE*n*O C*o*r*a*z*O*n A*K*EE*n*O

It still rings in my head today....but right now playing as the number one hit is....

s*w*I*n*e f*l*U s*w*I*n*e f*l*U s*w*I*n*e f*l*U s*w*I*n*e f*l*U

Okay, okay quit already with the damn swine flu ~ let's talk about the highlight from those blog posts that played out in my head.

So I'm driving home from Bellingham on Wednesday after visiting with one of the hired workers at the relatives house. Turns out this guy was madly in love and supposedly engaged to my immediate supervisor (place of employment purposely not mentioned) about 10 years ago. He told me about how she crushed his heart and all, and how he is happy now. As I left the house I had a flashback to when his girlfriend and I worked together.

She was/is a very attractive woman and knew it very well. She played men to get what she wanted, and had quite an impressive skill in how she could maneuver around the office and building. There was always an air about her.

During the summer months she had her favorite sun dress she'd wear at least once a week. Feeling pretty, she'd glide around the office trying to catch attention.

On a regular basis, I'd need to pop into her office to ask a question or say something. She would always look a bit disturbed as if she just simply didn't have time. One warm day I walked around the corner to speak with her ~ she was standing at her file cabinet filing things away.

At first it took me by surprise since there was no way I could avert my eyes ~

There she stood, at her file cabinet, trying to maintain an graceful pose with her back to me...she was completely unaware that her sun dress had been captured between her cheeks ~ she had a full sun dress wedgie going on. OH MY GOD!

This image stays in my head ~ rolls around like Corazon Aquino's name and the dreaded swine flu. The whole thing wouldn't be so hilarious if she was always trying so hard to be so, well, you know, queen bee like.

And then there was the next supervisor that wrote up and published a job description that required a future co-worker to maintain "roosters" rather than "rosters". She was a piece of work too!

So that's my story of the day, or of yesterday. Today, well, nothing in my head but swine flu.

~ The images are paintings by my niece Mary Barnes Bivens. Mary painted these back when she was in middle school. I'm thinking they would make good tapestry cartoons. What do you think?


  1. I do think those paintings would make nice tapestries.
    My favorite office typo was when a co-worker (university econ department) was typing a paper for a professor, and her error made him refer to a paper by the department chair as being 'worth nothing' rather than 'worth noting.'

  2. Juliettta Are you DEAD? Been a month of the same Ciao...