Wednesday, April 1, 2009

rocks ~

Grandma Mabel use to make the most wonderful cookies. Her gingersnaps were to die for! I also loved her oatmeal "rocks". These weren't her normal fancy type of cookies, but they were lumps filled with oatmeal and raisins ~ mmmmm, yummy!

This afternoon, with the depressing rain, I needed a pick me up. So I decided to make rocks. No raisins in the house so I substituted with dried cranberries.

I know they don't look as good as they taste. But ten or so have constituted as my dinner tonight...I know, bad, bad, bad...

I do love these rocks, and honestly, I have a passion for other interesting rocks I've found during beach combing adventures.

I've become quite the agate hunter over the last ten years and have a small bucket full of 'em. I've also found other treasures including a passel of bones that are weathered and bleached white from the beach and sun. I also have a few other "special" rocks that I didn't know what they were until someone told me.....

The one above is most likely an oil lamp possibly used by coastal natives. Here's a link to the Burke Museum in Seattle that has similar items in their collection.

This one is surely a fishing net weight used in fishing. Again, this is a different link to the Burke's collection showing a net weight. Here's a link to yet another Burke net weight.

Here's one last net weight ~ it's condition isn't as refined.

I love my rocks, and I love the beach ~ but only rocky beaches. Those crazy white sand beaches are boring. I need stinking seaweed, hopping beach bugs, clam shells and washed up dead/rotting sea life for my beach combing beaches.

So other than making "rocks" today, I've been knitting and spinning. I'm spinning some of the Romney that I bought up in Abbotsford the other Friday. I bought some big bats a fiber and am spinning it for a hat.

The other Romney I bought was still in the lock formation. I finished flicking it out the other day and will be spinning it up next.

The dyed fiber was wonderful! The colors were bright and vibrant. I bought it from a wonderful vendor who gave me a 25% exchange rate on my US currency. I ended up only spending money at her booth.

This is one very green lock flicked into heavenly fluff.

I want to roll around in these flicked locks ~ delicious! The crimp, too, is tasty!


  1. OH YUM-I read your blog for breakfast! And the wool -ohhhh!
    Fabulous finds on the beach my little eagle eyed friend!

  2. Just came over from Linda Sue's blog. Cookies and rocks? But oh! what cookies and realy cool rocks. I am coming back to see what happens from your wool gathering.