Thursday, April 9, 2009

syne, tula and frida ~

Last night was fun at the Whatcom Weavers Guild's meeting featuring Syne Mitchell as the presenter who spoke to us about Weavecast & Weavezine.

I have to admit that I started to play with my camera and take some pictures ~ I know it wasn't kind to do that during Syne's talk, but I wanted to catch a few actions shots.

Hands, yes! Syne does certainly talk with her hands ~ something one would never know while listening to Weavecast.

Also, I was sitting next the Ms. LS who became the goofy subject of a couple of shots.

Ms. LS gave me a surprise last night too! Tin type Tula! A lovely young woman in her prime. Most likely she came on the steamer to Seattle from San Francisco to join Bobby Sherman and David Soul on Here Come the Brides. Did she work in the saloon with Lottie? Or was she Biddie's cousin who "missed the boat?"

Surprisingly, Tula and I have a history. I've seen her lonely uni-brow gaze many times in a local antique store. Yes, I've known Tula for a few years ~ she's been waiting for her suitor to come back from the logging camps west of Seattle. But no ~ no suitor plucked her from the shelf in the antique store ~ but it was Linda Sue who thought she belonged with my....shall I dare say....collection of old photos of ugly women.
When Linda Sue gave Tula to me last night, I placed her on the seat next to me and looked down at her. Then I realized I was wearing my Frida Kahlo bracelet (bought last summer a the SF Museum of Art when I got to see IN PERSON the wonderful Frida Kahlo traveling exhibit).

There is it was ~ the bracelet filled with Frida images ~ uni-brow royalty. Ms. Tula Tin Type found her family!
There is NO DOUBT in my mind that they are related. Take a close look.....if you really want a close, close look, just post a comment with an e-mail contact and I'll e-mail the morphed image below in a size that really shows the reality of their connection.


  1. Hey Juliet: Thanks for the picture of one of my favourite people. I adore Linda Sue and I am sure you do too. She is beautiful and I love her.

    I have to say I feel so sorry for your friend. Can you imagine losing the skin on your face. Poor poor girl. It is good that she has you to keep it real with.

    On another hand entirely I was listening and thinking oh Juliet and I like the same music because I heard Edith Piaf and then saw your playlist. Har har har.

    Love it and I better update that thing.

    Have a blessed day and if you see my dear friend could you give her a great big hug and a smooch on the cheek and don't let her go for 3 and 1/2 minutes.

    Love Renee xoxo

  2. Great shots of Syne! As i listened to her I did not realize how animated she was until your photos. LOVE the morph- you clever clever girl! How did you do that and if you have photo shop and know how it works and did not use it on the LS shots You are to be spanked!
    Rocking it with the officers next year! You and Donna will most certainly edge and art things up a bit. Will be amazing!
    Ok, little miss genius, your morph is amazing amazing! Tula Beatrice Jack is in good company!

  3. Dear Ms. LS ~ there is no way I would give you a uni-brow. If I morphed you into anything it would be a young hippie chick in pigtails on a metal boat ~ oh wait! That is you....see no need for morphing at all.