Monday, April 6, 2009

Sun, Christianson's & Pink ~

Sunshine, sunshine, sunshine ~ Yes, the sun arrived for the weekend (and has continued today too!). I convinced my sweetie to go down to the Skagit Fair Grounds to a flea market (should have been advertised as a "flee" market since we did flee after a short visit).

It was a lovely day though and I bought a couple of small things including kettle korn. The short walk to the fairground gate was nice and we past by this wonderful lavender Easter egg house. I've always wanted a pink or purple house!

We lunched at a Mexican restaurant across from a daffodil field. Beginning on April 1, Skagit County's tulip festival (sans tulips) is the happening event. It's still a bit early and has been too cool for the tulips to bloom, but they'll be out soon.

Dear Steven wanted to go to his favorite nursery, so we headed down toward La Conner. Christianson's is on the Best Road ~ just down from a tourist swarmed daffodil field peppered with "DO NOT TRESPASS" signs. Did people read? No! They were scattered around the field.

At Christianson's, I found a new friend. I called him Buddy ~ he enjoyed our conversation, but really didn't want to be disturbed....until....I found some catmint! I asked him if he wanted a taste ~ hmmm, yum, he ate it all.

Here's a photo of Dear Steven and the last glimpse of his sunglasses. They are either somewhere on the ground near the blueberries or ceanothus plants ~ or maybe someone picked them up at the cashier's counter thinking they were theirs. Oh well, Steve had these for at least two years which is something like 30 years in Steve time....he loses everything!

I visited the cacti and succulents ~

Pink was the color of the day ~

I've said for years, "I want a Gunnera". Steve tells me to build my own swamp. The Gunnera at Peace Arch Park are huge and Jurassic Parkesqe.

I hated Geraniums growing up ~ but now I appreciate the fact that the don't take much care and are drought tolerant.

And the Camellias ~ they were all in a greenhouse. Camellias get all water spotted and icky outdoors around here, but oh, they were so lovely in the greenhouse.

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  1. WOW! Where do you live? Beautiful and it must have really great weather to have so many gorgeous flowers blooming already...send me your address- I am going to move.