Friday, April 3, 2009

bury it ~

The other week I blogged about an estate sale I attended which consisted of the clearing out of a local politician's lifetime of stuff. Barney Goltz lived down the street from my family home. I always knew who he was, but I doubt if he knew me.

After my dad's retirement from Boeing, he became more active in community groups including neighborhood organizations, park board and miscellany. Barney, also long retired, never quit being active in the community, and dad became one of the locals that made sure Barney had a ride to and from the many meetings they all attended.

I'm sure by attending the Goltz estate sale many people had the same desire as we did ~ to find a small token by which to remember Barney's political contributions.

There were oodles of buttons, plaques and other memorabilia ~ somewhere in the pile of stuff I found this treasure.

From what I remember, Lummi Arts & Crafts items were made and sold on the reservation near the Lummi Island Ferry dock. I had known about the wonderful basket making, carving and other crafts made by the Lummis, but I didn't know they made and tourist trinkets.

I know there has to be some wonderful story behind the handwritten caption ~ "let's bury it!" ~ on the tag. Did Barney give these away or did the Lummi Nation folks give it to Barney after some type of political struggle?
I'm always amazed how our perception of things has changed over time ~ do you think little wood hatchets would still be made today as tourist items?


  1. Love your thoughtful approach to the hatchet gadget!
    Dear Juliet - you left a comment on my post on macramee, but even though I clicked on publish this comment it did not appear. I would love to read your comment - can you resent it? And I also want to say that your cat pictures are just incredible! Love them all!

  2. How I wish I could remember the comment I left you! Being over 40 means that, unless I literally trip over the item on the floor, it is gone from my mind as soon as I blink my eye.