Thursday, November 12, 2009

flailing arms & a room full of laughter ~


…thanks to Ms. Kim Werker!  Last night Kim entertained the Whatcom Weavers Guild in Bellingham and had members laughing so hard I bet the 12-step group upstairs could hear us through the ceiling. 

I know, unbelievable ~ who thought stuffy old weavers could muster a chuckle let along a belly laugh.  But they did.  Kim’s presentation was delightful and made us all rush home to look up crochet patterns on the internet ~ I know I went looking for the seraphina shawl.

Kim was adamant that crochet doesn’t have to be like what we remember from the 1970s.  With the beautiful array of yarns available today, crocheted items can have lovely drape and be as soft as a dream.

72 pauls net

Or….you can go the other direction and create wonderful art installations like Mandy Greer, or reach into your dark humorous side like Patricia Waller.

Yes, these strange vignettes are crocheted.

If you want to learn more about some of this great crochet ~ check out my post from early this year ~Crochet~.

For more about Kim’s great program, go check out her blog and dear Linda Sue’s too.


  1. Patricia Waller!! Ha ha our kind of artist! Great photos of Kim! Was that with your little pink camera? WOW! I went to the yarn shoppe in barkie vill yesterday- Really nice- inspiring, might have to find hy hook and make a thing...

  2. Yes! My pink camera is amazing! I just found the receipt ~ I paid $100. Best $100 I have spent in a long, long time.