Friday, November 6, 2009

suzzy to me ~

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The cabbage rolls are out of the oven, all my workshop gear is lined up in the hallway, and the fridge is stocked for three days worth of potluck fixings.

Tomorrow I’ll join about 20 other folks for year #2 of a fall spinning workshop taught by Ms. Spinning Guru herself ~ Ms. Judith MacKenzie McCuin.

Like last year, I know my head will nearly explode with all the information she’ll dish out to us. And this year she’s going to teach base don the Interweave book Fleece in Your Hands. So I’m ready for the brain swell.

Out of the 4 spinning wheels (there are 5 in the house, but one is still under construction with new paint job that is progressing every so slowly), I prefer to take my Majacraft “Suzie” wheel. She gives my the most control and options. “Suzie” being the name the manufacturer call the model, it isn’t the way I think of her.

My sister’s name is “Suzy”, so when I think about my wheel, I think “Suzzy” as in Suzzy Roche.

Suzzy & Maggie Roche ~ Killer shoes, Suzzy!


Now if I could only wear those while spinning!

Now go listen to The Roches.

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