Thursday, November 5, 2009

a hole in our hearts ~


This morning the community was shocked and saddened to learn that one of the local landmarks had burned through the night. Whatcom Middle School (originally Whatcom High School and then Whatcom Junior High) stood in the Lettered Streets neighborhood for over 100 years.

My husband went to school there.

My mom went to school there.

My cousins went to school there.


With nearly 600 displaced pupils, teachers, and support staff, the Bellingham School District is going to have some huge challenges facing them in the coming years. The economy isn’t in the right place for something like this to happen ~ not that any time would be a good time. But rebuilding (more like building from the ground up) a school will take a couple of years.

Here is video of the news report on the fire.

I do hope my dear friend and favorite goddess Kwan Yin will protect and show her mercy.


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