Thursday, August 6, 2009

time ~

In a blink ~ June was gone.  In a wink ~ July went too.  August, well dear August, we are in a stare down…



This should be a new post…but just indulge me here….

I’ve noticed some things, odd things lately.  I recently noticed that odd things are bringing me joy.  The oddest of all is the fact that I am so pleased to head into my usual stall in the ladies room at work to find the toilet seat up. I know, I know ~ you are thinking ~ What?  No woman in her right mind would be happy to see the seat up.  But remember that I said “ladies room.”  That’s right, there is nothing like being there first after the restroom cleaning.  Nothing like being the first in line.

Hummm…..In the photo above, doesn’t it look like I have one eye drifting off to the right (your left).  And then there is my nose which I cut off ~ it looks as if it could be HUGE. 

I don’t think my eye drifts…..and I don’t think my nose is HUGE.  I’m hoping this photo is just distorted and not my face ~ well, any more distorted than what I’ve grown accustom to in the last 44 year.

And just for fun….


Captured in the shopping cart at Pay ‘n’ Save in downtown Bellingham.


Steve’s mom cut his hair ~ Mr. Bowl Head.


And then there were the cool teen years….Definitely Mr. Trouble during those days.

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  1. I wonder if people with pretty eyes only see a pretty world...I wonder if keeping a kid in a wire cart is cruel or just being pragmatic...I wonder if toilet seats have minds of their own, wouldn't blame them- I don't envy their job.
    I wonder if you will ever recieve your cigar box...I have so been loving this summer- rains coming DAMN!