Wednesday, July 29, 2009

a cool 100 ~


Not only am I doing my best to keep cool, I am trying hard to keep Marcel hydrated and cool. I have him circled in ice packs and two fans on him.  He has spent the majority of the last four days on our bed in front of the fans.


I knew it was going to happen soon, so I sat in wait….I sat in front of our little weather station watching the temperature rise.  Within 20 minutes, this is what happened ~

It was feeling REALLY hot at 97.9 degrees.


It was feeling toastier ten minutes later at 99.3.


And then it just kept going up….


and up….


and even up again…


And then it happened…oh my GOD, it reached 100 degrees and the air is heavy with humidity. 


We are a tough lot up here in the Pacific Northwest, but having air conditioning is relatively unheard of since it is usually only “hot” once or twice a year.  It certainly isn’t worth paying to have a cooling system.

What’s this I hear about global warming?

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