Tuesday, July 21, 2009

glasses chat~

It's been two years since my last eye exam and once again my vision has hardly changed. Back when I worked full time with my face squarely in front of the computer monitor for 8+ hours a day, my eyes got worse every year.

I have to admit, I was hoping that there was more of a dramatic change in vision so I could buy new glasses ~ well, at least a vision change would justify another purchase of glasses.

About 3-4 of years ago, I got hooked on buying glasses. I wear contacts, but decided I needed a new pair of back-up glasses. So I saw an ad for a sale in a shop downtown ~ complete pair for $30! So I rushed down to see what they had. There were a lot of frames that I liked, but I didn't always like them on "my" face.

On a whim I bought these ~

I figured these were just cheap frames, but they quickly became my favorite ones that I wear all the time. They have lasted and lasted ~ obviously they weren't as "cheap" as I thought.

At the same time I bought an "adult" pair that were pretty basic. I hated them! I never have really worn them and plan on beading them up or gluing rhinestones to them.

Then the next year (from the same store), I bought these ~

This isn't the exact color ~ they are really a maroon/rust with orange highlights. I LOVED the colors, but the fit has never been just right. It is something with the bridge of the nose. At the same time I bought a pair of rectangular frames ~ clear plastic and blue highlights. No need to show you those ~ they are another pair I rarely wear. There is something about the shape that looks great on other people, but it makes me feel very pedestrian.

Because I was feeling "pedestrian" the next year I bought these ~

These are ones I LOVE ~ the photo doesn't show the teal and lime colored stripe on the edges.

After these frames, I decided that cats are for me. I know I need to stay away from any shape that doesn't have an "up swing" at the cheeks.

Back I'd say 9 months or so ago, I saw a great pair of Coach frames at Costco. They were the only pair they had in that style and were more than a bit shop worn. I did check back in the optical section every so often, but they never reappeared.

After visiting the eye doc last Friday I was started dreaming about those Coach frames . So yesterday I did a searched eBay....and....oh....my....god! There they were!

So who cares if they are last year's style ~ they were brand new! And for la pi├Ęce de la resistance ~ they were only $34.95!

Yes, I have insurance that would cover some of this, but who really cares when you find what you want. Plus I still had dough in my paypal account so really what just bought these was the sale of duplicate Spin Off magazines last year.

I can't wait to get them and get lenses. Oh what the hell! Who cares about lenses? I might just wear them without any!

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