Saturday, July 25, 2009

Windows Live Writer ~

Have you been here yet?

Just reading tonight in the ATA's Educational Article Series section about Blog Tech.  Their education editor, Mary Lane, asked six blogging tapestry artists to share their thoughts and insights.  In addition, Lyn Hart created a great page about resources for bloggers ~ it is available on the site and in pdf format (take a look or

One item that Lyn wrote about was using Windows Live Writer to compose blog posts.  I just downloaded this program (yes, it is free) and am typing this in it right now.  I’ve been looking for a way to post without being live in Blogger ~ hopefully this will work better for me.

Already I can see that it gives me more control ~ I always want more control!  With being able to easily go in a edit the code, I think I’ll be able to pull out some of the “funkies” that get in on the page unintentionally.

Other than reading about Blog Tech on the ATA’s website, you really should take a look at all the goodness they have going over there.  I am really impressed that they can do all that they do with everything being completed 100% by volunteers.

So go there NOW!  Go there and be enlightened about tapestry.

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