Sunday, August 30, 2009

feeling up to it…


The last few days have been a challenge.  I told Steve that you can tell if I’m not feeling well when I don’t even try to at least knit a few rows.

No knitting today, but back to some other stuff.  A few weeks back I was in the mood to do some block printing.  Not having the needed supplies, I made my way up to the university book store to only be disappointed in the selection and price.  I did pick up what I needed along with a few other toys.


I found that my dollar store erasers worked just as good as anything else when carving out little stamps.  I first carved a "twill” pattern just to get started digging into the erasers.  I was feeling okay with the tapestry bobbin, but my weaving shuttle needs a lot of help.  The tapestry beater is strangely okay.





This is all a work in progress since I haven’t made an actual linocut since high school.  I massaged a picture of Mabel and cut her out this afternoon.  I don’t have any printing ink and my ink pads just won’t cut it.  Mabel needs to be fully inked up.



Here are some pictures of new friends I made the other week at the fair.





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  1. Handsome friends! I didn't even go this year- at all! Your lino prints are so cool- you clever little thang! Genius! I imagine I will see cards on your woven knitted goods at the guild show- I have been so lazy and the steroids that i took really put me into another state of being- a very LARGE one- anyway, have that to deal with now..anyway- your prints are fabulous!