Saturday, September 19, 2009

surface tension ~


Leaving my parents’ house this afternoon I was stopped dead in my tracks by these Katsura leaves. These pools of water were nervously balanced on the fallen leaves after last night’s rain. As the light came and went with the clouds passing over the sun, the pools changed like little looking glasses.



Perched atop this bubble of life was one tiny blade of grass.


My parents’ porch, like their yard, is a gardener’s wonderland. Collections of yard art from the traditional (Red Grass Designs, Rosebar [we’ll miss you Mary Taylor], Shirley Erickson) to the dada-ish work of Rich Art (aka Dick Tracy or Rich/Richard Tracy) that I purchased when I worked at the Whatcom Museum. Each corner has a surprise.


Above is a rock that Steve and I gave my parents for their 46th anniversary. Steve was into carving stones into plant markers for the garden. I drew this pattern out to represent multiple things ~ an “H” (for Hadley, my maiden name), the number “46” for their years of marriage, and a flowing motion to represent all the Asian inspired things they have in the yard and house. I think Steve did a great job using his Dremel and many hours.


On Friday, I made a new friend. I saw her flutter by the window and land outside just behind the TV. I quickly grabbed my camera to capture some images of this little lady goldfinch.


She continued her journey south after this last shot.


Enjoy the winter down south, my dear!

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