Sunday, December 13, 2009

updates & corrections ~


Chloe French with her loom and woven work.

Thank you Chloe for your comment, corrections, and additional information.  If you haven’t read Chloe’s comment on my last post, I have copied below so that folks can have easy access to what she shared.

Gunalcheesch tlein (thank you very much - Tlingit)

These are wonderful pictures of the Art Market and Courtney's and my work.

The girls singing are from the George family. The woman behind the spruceroot basket is Kitty Young from Petersburg, Alaska. The man in the hat is Floyd Warbus.

Our style of weaving is not warp-weighted but I can see why you thought that. The coverings at the bottom of Courtney's warp are only there to keep it clean. There are no weights in them. We weave using the basketry technique twining. The warp is free hanging, that is there is no tension on it.

Thank you again for this.

If the opportunity arises to view, learn, and appreciate the remarkable woven work created by our indigenous neighbors, be sure to take it. I am certainly glad I did this year and will plan to attend future Native Art Markets at Northwest Indian College.

t t t t t t t t t t t t t

And  for those of you who might be curious about my last post calling out the visitor hits from Stavanger, well yes, we did make contact.  And yes!  We are related.  All very cool!  I knew there had to be family in Norway that I resembled ~ had no idea we looked THAT similar.  Genetics are amazing ~ and so is the internet!!!

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