Sunday, December 13, 2009

delightfully bombed ~


One of the many moods of Mandy ~ Yarn bombing wear.

What a blast ~ the bomb! December is always a questionable month for Whatcom Weavers Guild programs. Many things seem to get in the way ~ holidays, shopping, parties, or snow! But this year’s December program went off with out a hitch.

Yarn Bombing authors Mandy Moore and Leanne Prain visited us in Bellingham last Wednesday and shared a thoroughly entertaining program.


Leanne (below) worked the PowerPoint presentation while Mandy (above) hammed it up while showing off the items that were featured in their book.


Leanne Prain sharing a sweater designed for and included in Yarn Bombing.


One of the ways I’ve learned to judge a good program is by laughter. Mandy and Leanne scored! The room chuckled, chortled, and snorted ~ yep, good meeting!


The girls also sold plenty of books and happily complied to the many requests to have them signed.

Thank you so much for coming down to Bellingham to share Yarn Bombing!


Linda Sue, wearing her mitts, quietly prays for the life of the small beast that was killed for her fashion needs.

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