Thursday, October 1, 2009

headed toward accreditation ~


Today the college nursing program I work for learned that it was going to receive its recommendation for National accreditation.


Only four years ago the first group of nurses began the two-year journey to prepare for a nursing career. It is really great to see the faculty and students work so hard to make the Whatcom Community College Nursing Program a success ~ Kudos to them all!


Although a majority of the students are women, there are more and more men moving into the profession. I was excited to find the photo above ~ do you think he was graduating as a nurse too?


Although I’ve hardly been working for the program for more than four months, it was nice to learn that I helped make a contribution to the program’s move toward accreditation. Although I really feel like I was just along for the ride ~ they have all put in four years of hard work to get the program where it is so quickly.


So make sure you respect those nurses out there! Even if they are sticking you with a needle ~ that flu shot is going to keep you well this winter season.

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