Sunday, June 6, 2010

bear ~

Gave this little bear tapestry to my boss (Connie) who is retiring in 12 days.  She collects Southwestern type bears. So after the workshop with Sarah Swett, I had to weave a little bear for her gift.  I placed it in a narrow framed shadow box which made it impossible to take a photo of it. So below is the bear out of the box.


Over the past year, Connie has been giving me beaded necklaces from her stash ~ amethyst, rose quartz, and the trade beads I used in the tapestry.  The warp was some handspun Navajo I had from a woman down in Skagit County.  The warp was some of Sarah’s handspun, hand dyed wool of spectacular colors ~ all from natural dyes.



  1. Hi Miss Julie - so sorry to hear that your mom had a stroke - sounds like she is doing well - give her my best wishes!

    OMG - I can feel your pain in the sleep department - The Shepherd sleeps on his back and Sinda must be under the covers next to me in the middle of the bed - I, like you, get relegated to what is left. Luckily, she doesn't bite - but can she howl!

    Your little tapestry that you made for your friend is so precious - I'm sure she must love it. The workshop looks like it was wonderful.

    I was wondering about trying to put together an "impromptu spin" (maybe on the patio at the Fountain Bistro? weather permitting) on the 10th for anyone who is not going to the Skagit Highland games. What do you think? T.