Friday, May 14, 2010

45 ~ what an odd number?

Odd, like, how the hell did that happen?  How can one feel smarter, slower, wittier, mellower, all at once? I think the answer is 45.

My life is summed up in the birthday card doodle from my husband:

I’m weaving tapestry (or learning);

The cat is sleeping in his “cat-bowl” bed;

My dad is sitting in the hospital next to my mom laying in bed (last weekend);

And Steve is coming home after his swing shift, calling out, “I’m home".”


The only doodle I don’t want in my #46 card, is the hospital doodle.

Cat in cat bowl: Fine.

Sitting and weaving: Fine.

Steve coming in the door at 10:30pm after work: Fine.

Dad sitting next to mom’s hospital bed: NOT fine.

As for what else has been happening recently, check out the Whatcom Weavers Guild Blog ( ~ that is the only one that I’ve updated recently.

P.S. Mom is home doing well.  The cat is sleeping in his bowl and doing well.  Dad isn’t sitting around watching; he’s doing well. Steve is home and wearing his baseball cap (missing in his doodle) and doing well. I’m 45 and doing well.

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